Kanye West Covers WeSC’s ‘Superlative Conspiracy’ Issue #8

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


Music artist and fashion designer Kanye West barely does interviews or appear on magazine covers, but somehow WeSC managed to get the Def Jam rapper on the cover of their in-house publication, Superlative Conspiracy Issue #8.

This issue was shot in Milan by Swedish photographer Andreas Kock. Yeezus assisted both in the art direction and location scouting, one being an old Italian church. On the all-black color scheme cover Yeezus shows his serious face. For the cover story, Yeezus talks about his latest innovations and the seven-screen project. He also describes why it is important to clear the path for others to dream big.

A$AP Rocky, AMS, Superblast, and a city guide to Oslo, along with photographic work by  Sue Kwon, Cheryl Dunn, Anthon Renborg and Fredrik Etoall is featured in this issue. Superlative Conspiracy Issue #8 is available now at WeSC

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